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The Ancient Life of an Ancient Blue Box

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My name is Lyra. At least, that's the name I've given myself. Can't have the Doctor going around calling me Sexy all the time. I'm a humanoid TARDIS, a Time Lady, a Gallifreyan, and whatever else you wanna call me.

Tracked tag: theoldestcompanion

M!A: None but accepting.

(Humanoid TARDIS RP account. I will RP with anyone from any fandom, assuming I'm at least semi-familiar with the fandom. Please read my guidlines before RPing with me. Follow my backup, postlimitlyra.)
Mar 19 '13


Feeling so much suckyness right now. I really like this character but as I said in my last post here I’m sorta failing at playing her. I kinda wanna start over with a clean slate, but I can’t do that on this blog because of the whole having over 5000 posts thing. I guess I could maybe create a fresh blog but then there’s the whole not being sure if anyone’s gonna bother RPing with me anymore thing.

Okay, I just needed to vent and I’ve done that now so I’ll just… uh… go? XD

Jan 23 '13

When I made my TVD OC, I had this whole big backstory for her plus little headcanons that never actually left my head but were actually kinda good. With Bec, even though she’s a canon character, again there’s a massive backstory there with actual headcanons that I’ve posted on that blog. With my new OC Michelle, not only do I have a backstory and posted headcanons, but I actually have a private side blog with tons of tiny little details that I could only dream of making up on a blog like this one.

With this blog, I have the TARDIS. No backstory, a crappy explanation as to how she ended up in a body, no actual story about when she made the choice to make the body, and just one headcanon that can’t be posted because it involves the Master and the Doctor on Gallifrey long before the Doctor stole the TARDIS.

Here, I’m just mediocre replies and personal posts/reblogs. On Michelle and Bec, I’m lengthy replies/starters and well thought out characterization. I love Lyra, I really do. She’s such a joy to play when I actually get to be IC but if I can’t feel connected to her than how can I expect other people to?

It scares me to say this, it really does, but I feel like Lyra is a character with an expiry date. :’(

If anyone wants to find me, I’ll be on universehoppingempath.

Jan 22 '13

(ooc: I’m sorry I’m not here lately. I do this a lot and this time it’s ‘cause I’m getting the feel for my new OC, which still has a shockingly low number of followers despite my promotions.



Jan 22 '13

Writing 101: Dropping threads and why and how to do it.


As an indie RP’er, at some point you will feel like you can’t function properly because you have too many threads going on. You “lose the muse”.

Some people just completely block at such a moment and then announce a hiatus, hoping that when they get back, their least favorite threads will have dropped them and they won’t have to spend four hours a day replying to everyone. Yikes. 

It’s an effective way to have less threads, but I think it’s completely unnecessary to announce a hiatus in order to drop threads. Truth is: nobody really likes it when a thread is dropped, but in most cases, you will find that a partner is understanding about it. You just need to know WHY you drop that specific thread and HOW to deliver the news.

So read on if you wanna learn how to tactfully drop threads.

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Jan 21 '13


Crackship gifs for Chris Colfer & Emma Watson 
Requested by: theoldestcompanion


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Melissa, you better see these. XD

Jan 21 '13

Just stopping by…

Um, I’m not an RPH. I’m just an indie RP, and not a very good one at that. I’m flattered, I suppose, that people (ok, one person so far) have decided to seek help from me. But I really don’t know how much help I’m gonna be. XD

Jan 20 '13
Jan 17 '13
Jan 17 '13


The story of my life





Basically this entire blog. So yeah…

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Jan 17 '13

(ooc: Gotta go make a history page for a blog that none of you know about yet. XD)